ScaleIO Monitoring

ScaleIO provides software-defined block storage. AppFormix metrics for ScaleIO performance and availability are available in real-time charts and alarms.


ScaleIO Dashboard

AppFormix service monitoring Dashboard for a ScaleIO cluster displays the overall state of the cluster and its components. It also displays real-time storage capacity and read/write bandwidths of the cluster.

Real-time charts

To view cluster-wide metrics in the charts, select "Services" > "ScaleIO" from the top context menu. Choose "Charts" view from the left navigation.

ScaleIO Charts

Real-time status of ScaleIO components

AppFormix monitors the real-time status of every element of the ScaleIO cluster. One can select an element from the "Resource" drop down.





Protection Domain

ScaleIO Protection Domain

Storage Pool

ScaleIO Storage Pool


ScaleIO Device


ScaleIO Volumes

Service Alarms

An Alarm may be configured for any of the ScaleIO metrics collected. In the Alarm panel, select the "Service Alarms" module. Then select "scaleio" from the Service dropdown. Additionally, notifications can also be configured for ScaleIO alarms.

ScaleIO Alarms

Per-Instance Storage Volume Metrics

When a virtual machine mounts a storage volume, AppFormix Agent monitors the disk latency and throughput to the network attached storage volume. Instance metrics for storage I/O and latency (e.g. disk.* metrics) are available on a per-volume basis in the charts. An alarm on such a metric will indicate the volume for which the alarm triggered.


In order for AppFormix to monitor ScaleIO metrics, there must exist a ScaleIO user with admin authorization of the cluster. ScaleIO cluster connection details can be configured in AppFormix. From the Settings menu in the upper-left, select Service Settings. Then, select the ScaleIO tab.

Enter the cluster name and host on which ScaleIO runs. Enter the username and password. Finally, click the "Setup" button. On success, the button will change to "Submitted".

ScaleIO Settings