OpenStack Services Monitoring

AppFormix monitors Keystone, Nova, and Neutron services that power the OpenStack cloud management system. AppFormix performs status checks for processes that implement the services on both controller and compute hosts.


A user may view both the current status and the historical status over a specified period of time in the Dashboard. Select the name of a service from the "Services" entry in the context menu at the top, and select the "Dashboard" panel on the left navigation menu.

Keystone Dashboard

Keystone Realtime Availability Keystone Historical Availability

Nova Dashboard

Nova Realtime Availability Nova Historical Availability

Neutron Dashboard

Neutron Realtime Availability Neutron Historical Availability

Service Alarms

An Alarm may be configured for any of the OpenStack services. In the Alarm panel, select the "Service Alarms" module. Then, select "openstack" from the Service dropdown. The metrics for which alarms can be configured can be broadly categorized into three scopes:

As with other alarms, notifications may also be configured for any OpenStack service alarm.

OpenStack Service Alarms


The OpenStack configuration parameters provided during AppFormix installation are sufficient for monitoring OpenStack services. No additional configuration is required. The values can be modified by opening the "Settings" page from the upper-right menu of the Dashboard. In the "Services Settings" panel, select the "OpenStack Services" tab.

OpenStack Settings