Ceph Monitoring

Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system that provides object storage and block storage. AppFormix monitors Ceph performance, availability, and usage, with both charts and alarms.

In addition, AppFormix Agent may be installed on Ceph OSD and Monitor hosts, for real-time health and performance monitoring of the storage hosts that power a Ceph storage cluster.

Ceph Service Monitoring

From the context menu at the top, select "Services" > "Ceph". The Ceph service monitoring page displays a summary of the current usage of a Ceph cluster, including total cluster capacity, used capacity, and number of OSDs, pools, objects. The Health Status table displays errors and warning of your Ceph cluster. At the bottom of the page, details about usage of each storage pool are shown in table and chart views.

Ceph Tables Ceph Charts

Monitoring Ceph OSD and Monitor nodes

With AppFormix Agent installed on the Ceph storage hosts, details are available about each OSD and Monitor node in the cluster. Using the context menu at the top, navigate to "Services" > "Ceph" > "Nodes". Each host in the list has a tag of ceph-osd or ceph-monitor. When a host with ceph-osd tag is selected, a summary of host performance metrics are shown, as well as the health and status of each OSD on the host. All of AppFormix host monitoring functionality is available for the storage host, including Charts and Alarms. Navigate to these panels using the left menu.

Ceph Nodes List Ceph Nodes Charts


An alarm may be configured to monitor a Ceph cluster metrics at the cluster, pool, or host level.

To configure an alarm for cluster-wide and per-pool metrics, navigate to the Alarms panel in the left menu. Select the "Service Alarms" module, and select "ceph" from the Service drop-down menu. Ceph service alarms may be created to monitor a "cluster" or a "pool". With "cluster" scope, an alarm may be configured for cluster-wide metrics such as the cluster storage usage. With "pool" scope, an alarm may be configured to monitor per-pool metrics for one or multiple pools.

To configure an alarm for a Ceph storage host, select "Alarms" module in the Alarms panel. An alarm may be configured for one or multiple Ceph storage hosts. Refer to Alarm Configuration for details.

As with all alarms in AppFormix, notifications can be configured for Ceph alarms.

Ceph Alarms


Refer to Service Monitoring configuration for steps to configure AppFormix to monitor a Ceph cluster.