Health Monitor

AppFormix Health monitor indicates the health and risk for a resource in the infrastructure. Health is a indicator that a resource is currently operating outside of user-specified performance policy. Risk is an indicator that a resource may be unhealthy in the future.

For example, if AppFormix Controller is not receiving heartbeats from a host, then that host and all of its instances will be marked as unhealthy. The reason for the unhealthy state will be indicated as "missed heartbeat."

The health and risk are determined by monitoring alarms. AppFormix supplies default health and risk profiles. A user may modify the health or risk profile to suit their environment.

In the 'Settings' page, navigate to the 'Health' tab. A health profile may be configured separately for Hosts and Instances. Similarly, a risk profile may be configured separately for Hosts and Instances. The health and risk profiles may only be configured by an Administrator. The profiles apply globally across all users.

Health Monitor Configuration

To configure a new health or risk profile, first delete the existing profile using the "Delete Profile" button. After a profile is deleted, select the add button to specify a new set of rules that constitute the profile.

A profile consists of multiple rules that are defined by clicking the 'Add New Rule' button. Each rule specifies conditions that are monitored by AppFormix. Select "Any of Rules" or "All of Rules" to specify how multiple rules in a profile are combined. Finally, click "Create Profile" to save the profile.

Health Monitor Customization