Agent Requirements

AppFormix Agent runs on a host to monitor resource consumption of the host itself and the virtual machines and containers executing on that host.

Supported platforms

Software Requirements

System-level dependencies

The following software packages are system-level packages that must be installed on the host on which the Agent runs. The minimum compatible version is listed.

** Optional, some metrics will not be available without this dependency.

Python dependencies

During installation of the Agent, all Python dependencies are installed inside of a Python virtualenv. This isolates the Agent's Python dependencies from the host system. The Agent depends on the following Python packages.

System Capability Requirements

Agent requires capability to read hardware and process-level metrics. Agent can run as root or non-root user. Agent package will create an appformix Linux user account and group that has sufficient privileges for operation. Some metrics are not available when Agent is run as non-root user.

Network Requirements

Agent communicates with Controller components. The following ports are used for communication between the hosts.

Resource requirements

The Agent CPU and memory footprint is dependent on number of instances monitored on the host and number of Alarms configured.